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Joakim Almqvist

Joakim Almqvist, Business Development Director, SDLG region EMEA

As a Business Development Director, Joakim has a number of tasks. He ensures the connection and the information exchange with SDLG Global, supports the hubs of the EMEA region (primarily hub south) and the Business Managers to grow their SDLG business.
Joakim is also responsible for driving and arranging regional SDLG related activities.

We got curious, what kind of background does someone with capabilities and responsibilities like this have?

– I have a Master of Science in engineering and an MBA. Workwise prior to Volvo I’ve been with several other Swedish export based industrial companies. I’ve lived and worked abroad for roughly ten years, in Belgium, Spain and a shorter period in Singapore. The last 20 years, I’ve been with Volvo, about 5–6 years with SDLG. Prior to this I was in Volvo CE aftermarket in various roles. Working with SDLG I really appreciate the interaction with inspiring people – dealers as well as colleagues both in Volvo CE EMEA and the SDLG team in China.

Our dealers’ most common positive comments about SDLG are value for money and attractive price. Customers tend to praise SDLG for good quality and value/price. The fact that SDLG is sold by Volvo dealers is valuable, because many customers choose SDLG because of our dealer partners – and Volvo’s solid reputation.

Reflecting on SDLG in EMEA in the near future, I’d say the challenge for us and our dealer partners is to address and attract customers that buy primarily other Chinese brands. These customers are largely new customers for our dealers. With our dealers’ strength and our very suitable and flexible SDLG product offering we have all reasons to expect good results.

There are significant changes ahead, or actually, they’ve already started. The huge Chinese domestic market is the main one for all Chinese brands – including SDLG. Rapidly tightened emission regulation and other regulatory measures by Chinese authorities will bring rapid increase in technical complexity and content of China built machines. In turn this will likely lead to a reduction of the technical gap, and at the same time, lower the price advantage that Chinese brands have enjoyed up until now. How this will play is hard to forecast, but one thing is for sure – the Volvo/SDLG dealers are well equipped to handle these advanced machines, and that’s a big advantage.