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Cost-effective machines were either unavailable or not reliable enough for contractors and equipment rental companies in Turkey after the 2008 global financial crisis, giving SDLG a chance to fill a gap when it entered the market through dealer, Ascendum Makina.

In 2018, Turkish dealer for SDLG machines, Ascendum Makina, estimates sales to increase by a quarter compared to last year. This would continue a trend of increasing sales for a second full calendar year after the company began representing SDLG in May 2015.

The rising demand for SDLG machines is down to their cost-effectiveness and reliability, a mix that was lacking in the market after the 2008 global financial crisis, explained Ascendum Makina sales manager, Ayhan Eren.

“Following the crisis, we quickly noticed that some of our customers were not as financially strong as they had been. We even heard of several instances where buyers who turned to low cost but unreliable brands to keep costs down were later stung by high TCO resulting from breakdowns and repairs,” Eren said.

A reliable alternative

With SDLG’s value proposition of fuel economy and dedicated aftersales support, Ascendum Makina was soon able to convince customers who traditionally only bought premium machines to change their minds.

“In the past, our customers only wanted to buy premium brands but, by introducing SDLG into the market, we showed them that they could use simpler machines that are just as effective while lowering their business costs,” said Eren. “Of course, it’s not easy to introduce a new brand into a mature market. But, with the process of building trust in SDLG coming up to three years now, the effort is paying off with more new and returning customers.”

The SDLG machines that Ascendum Makina predominantly sells in Turkey are wheel loaders and motor graders — due to the prominence of general construction and road maintenance work in the country.

Popular wheel loaders include the LG958F and LG968F. SDLG’s F-series wheel loaders feature a modern design and a host of technical enhancements, resulting in a series that exceeds customer requirements. As for motor graders, the G9190 and G9220 automatic variable horsepower (VHP) models are customer favourites due to their superior traction and excellent blade downforce.

Ascendum Makina, based in Istanbul, provides a full suite of solutions for the Turkish construction equipment market, including sales, rental and aftersales support.