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South African farmers can expect to discover the reliability and productivity of SDLG machines at the Nampo Agricultural Trade Show in May.

With only 12% of South Africa’s 1.2 million square kilometre land area being suitable for agricultural use, farmers require highly productive and reliable machinery to maximise yield while coping with the country’s unforgiving climate.

SDLG provides the solution farmers need to maintain a competitive and sustainable business model. SDLG manufactures machines with a mix of productivity and reliability at affordable prices, backed up by competitive aftermarket service support.

At the Nampo Agricultural Trade Show, taking place 15–18 May 2018 at Nampo Park in Bothaville, South Africa, visitors will be able to view a selection of SDLG machines. The machines will be displayed at booth F30 by established construction equipment dealer Babcock, which has represented SDLG in South Africa since 2011.

“Nampo has provided Babcock with excellent opportunities in recent years, and we’re excited to introduce SDLG to farmers who may not be familiar with its range of agriculture benefits,” said Grant Sheppard, regional manager for Babcock’s equipment exports to Africa.

The Nampo Agricultural Trade Show connects South African farmers with equipment suppliers. The event typically takes place in the middle of May and lasts for four days. The venue spans 80 hectares, and in 2017, attracted almost 80,000 visitors and more than 700 exhibitors.

Machines on display

Babcock will exhibit a G9220 motor grader, a B877F backhoe loader and an L958F wheel loader, all of which are particularly well-suited to the agricultural industry.

The star of the show will undoubtedly be the G9220 motor grader. Based on proven SDLG technology, the G9220 is a well-balanced grader with good traction and excellent blade down force. The versatile machine is suitable for all grading applications, whether it be new construction or maintenance, ditching and slope scraping, pavement levelling or site preparation.

“With its 14 ft blade, stronger engine with more horsepower (164 kW Dalian Deutz engine) and three power curve adjustments, the new SDLG G9220 motor grader is the right machine to repair even the most badly damaged roads,” said Sheppard. “It’s also well suited for work on the fields.”

The SDLG L958F wheel loader is ideal for handling tasks like moving sand or soil. For livestock farmers, it is also handy for handling bulk feed, grain or silage with precision.

The SDLG B877F backhoe loader replaces the previous B877 model. This new version boasts a redesigned cabin and improved hydraulics. Better air conditioning and ergonomic controls are also features of the B877F, as operator convenience is paramount for extended uptime.

Service excellence

 According to Sheppard, the popularity of the SDLG brand has increased sharply since its entry into the international market.

“SDLG has been in South Africa since 2011, and customers have developed a lot of trust in the brand thanks to the machines’ quality and reliability and the excellent aftermarket support provided by Babcock,” he said.

As SDLG’s representative, Babcock has a duty to ensure that customers get the ‘reliability in action’ that the equipment manufacturer promises. This entails providing extensive and responsive aftersales service support and affordable spare parts from various branches across the country. SDLG purchases are covered by a warranty, reflecting the confidence that Babcock has in the durability of the machines — and giving customers the peace of mind that the machines will help their operations maximize yield and profits.