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Sunil Shanta is the Assistant Workshop Manager at Araco, the SDLG dealer in Qatar. He has worked at the dealership for the past 13-years, but the arrival of SDLG’s new F-Series wheel loader in the Emirate in 2017 has him bristling with excitement and more positive about the future than at any time he can recount.

“There is a noticeable development from the L-Series to the F-Series,” he says. “I was Team Leader when SDLG machines were first introduced in this market and it was clear from early on that SDLG had incredible potential. In the early models, we did come across some teething problems, but these were quickly ironed out by the factory and later L-Series machines have proved themselves to be extremely reliable. I see another step forwards with the F-Series, a step which is already being noticed by our customers.

” Shanta says that SDLG is now really starting to make its presence felt in the Qatari market, although not so much in the workshop. “The reliability of the machines rather keeps them away from our ramps!” he exclaims.

“When I do get to work on an SDLG machine though, there’s good access to the components and the machines are easy to maintain and troubleshoot,” he says. “And when I speak with customers, they say they’re happy with their SDLG machines, and this makes me happy too.”

As for the future, Shanta has ambitions to climb even higher in the aftersales support function at Araco, but not at the expense of continued involvement with SDLG. “I like SDLG,” he says. “It’s a really strong product that’s gaining ever greater traction in our market. Yes, I would like to climb higher in our organisation, but at the same time I certainly want to keep working with these machines and our SDLG customers going forwards. I believe the future for SDLG in Qatar is extremely bright and I would like to be a part of that!”